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Ollie’s Man Trip – Day 6

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For our final day in Alaska, we paid a visit to the town of Whittier. To give you a since of what Whittier is like, check out this little video I found (best in fullscreen mode!):

After Whittier, we took a hike up to Byron Glacier. If you read the overview of our trip (About the Trip), then you already know that we decided to do a Polar Plunge on the way back down and that is how we discovered that near freezing water causes instant BRAIN FREEZE! 

We found out later that this is why it is recommended that any exposed skin is coated with petroleum jelly prior to taking a polar plunge. Duh.

Anyway, if you look close at Ollie’s picture right after his plunge, what you will see is both the joy of adventure and the agony of brain freeze! 😀

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