Breaking Gravity and Breaking Destiny are currently my only published novels.

However, I have been plugging away on two new projects that are now nearing completion. I expect to release Whiskey Tango Hotel?! next.

You can preview that book by clicking on the link below.

Coming Soon!

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  1. Pete

    Awesomely refreshing, can’t wait for the next one

  2. Lucia

    with breaking gravity and I got to tell you if it was four times longer I would have still read it don’t normally I don’t go for their really lenthy stories because they fill in too much with bullshit this had just enough information in it for the story line and the characters to make sense he definitely left me wanting more

  3. Scott

    Update your page :p just got through reading Breaking Destiny. What’s the timeline for Breaking Everything? I’m ready.

  4. Joe De Marco

    This was one exciting and , to me , an avid reader of many different genres. , including science fiction , an ingenious story line with characters that come to life for this reader like , flesh and blood movie actors .
    That is my personal highest complement, for what it might be worth . I like to read books that stream through my minds eye and push me to rush through the book and at the same time wish for more and more story pages even as I reach the last page .
    My complements and I would only hope that you continue to use these very real characters in future exploits and adventures . They come across as real beings .

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