Aliens are here.
They're watching us.
They're judging us.
  • So try not to look dumb, ok?

When Bubba—a student at Georgia Southern University—goes out for a night of drinking and cow tipping, he winds up being abducted by aliens. Naturally he finds himself in the position of having to save earth and the human race.

In short:
Boy meets alien.
Alien abducts boy.
Boy files a restraining order.

Yes, it’s a story as old as the food served at your local Chinese buffet. But this is a classy buffet, one that serves sushi. And tacos. On Thursday’s they have all-you-can-eat crab legs for $14.99. But only suckers pay the full price (they have a $2-off coupon on right on their website).

So don’t be a sucker. Read this book.



The Early Reviews Are In:
Whoever wrote this book is [totally awesome and definitely not] an idiot.
~ Some Guy

OMG [this book is so great]! What [a profound story. This book is NOT] a waste of time!
~ Some Other Guy

This story is [very, very deep—perhaps the greatest work of American literature ever—and will almost certainly win a Pulitzer for its undeniable contribution to literature. If you don’t read it, then you are] stupid!
~ Some Hot Chick

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  1. Brian

    Love your stuff. But I need MORE. Write faster. Write harder. WRITE! I don’t know how long I can go without a fix……

  2. Ralph

    How can you leave us hanging like this? It is wonderful that life is good for you and especially your family, but you left us with two incredible unresolved story arcs just beginning to scrape against each other. C’mon man, those arcs concern the future, nay the survival of the human race and Galactic Civilization may even hang in the balance! Plus I just had open heart surgery and who knows how much longer I have to live. Seriously.

  3. Donna Connery (alias)

    Are you any closer to a publication date for WTH (and BE)? I am SO looking forward to them!

    1. MittyWalters

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for checking in! Totally stoked to hear that you want more!

      Alright good news and bad, let’s get the bad out of the way first:
      Breaking Everything is still in the planning phase, zero progress to report. 🙁

      The goods news, however, is that ‘Whiskey Tango Hotel?!’ is well under way. I expect to have that finished in a couple of months (late Nov, early Dec). Depending on how fast the editing and other backend things occur, it is possible that I may have it out before the end of this year!

      And here is some even better news:
      If you enjoyed BG and BD, then I’m fairly certain you will love WTH.

      This story is far and away the best I’ve ever written… I’m super excited about it!

      The only caveat is that WTH is a true scifi, not a science thriller like BG/BD. WTH contains aliens, space travel, and it’s pretty dern silly to boot. So it’s different, very different. But it’s the most fun I’ve ever had writing a story. If even half of that joy translates while reading, I think you’ll dig it!

      Thanks again for reaching out. Just knowing that you are still out there waiting for more is HUGELY important to me… very motivating!


  4. Donna

    Soooo… when can we expect this, and another book (see next sentence) from you?! And will Breaking Gravity/Destiny get another book (please)? LOVE your writing, as I have gushed to you about this on other occasions.

  5. Jim seals

    I just finished Breaking Gravity and left a 5 star review. I’m really looking forward to this book!

    1. John the Rocket Scientist

      Did you pay your wife write these reviews?
      The guy that saves the world should really come from Ga Tech.
      I don’t think Georgia Southern guys believe in aliens.

  6. Joe kwok

    Lmfao! Didnt know you were a comedian! Lol sounds good, lite but good!

  7. Juliana wackytash!

    Clever 🙂

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