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Josh’s Man Trip – Assorted

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Below are general pics/videos taken during the trip, stuff that did not fit neatly into the other shorter albums. For instance, travel pics, downtime, nightlife, etc. Much of this is from the Eco Lodge, the best part of our trip. Our group of seven (plus the guides who came with us) had the Eco Lodge entirely to ourselves! 🙂

Oh, I should explain Josh’s scraped up back (pictured below). That occurred on our very last day, right before we horsebacked out of the Eco Lodge. He and one of the guides had gone on a hike down to the river. Josh was running down a steep embankment, lost control and went summersaulting down the ridge. The guide freaked out, thought his charge had been killed, lol. But Joshy bounced pretty good, only suffered some scrapes and bruises, no tears. 

The GoPro that Josh was carrying, however, did not fair as well!

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