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A Novel With a Soundtrack? Why?

Because I love music. And I love reading. Those passions developed at the same time when I was a kid, coming together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Since author’s don’t typically suggest music, I did a lot of guessing. More often than not it worked out well, increasing my enjoyment of both the music and the story. To this day, if I hear a song from The Who’s Who’s Next album, it triggers memories of Asimov’s Foundation.

But now that I’m writing my own stories, why not suggest some tunes for the reader?

That said, I recognize that this is not for everyone. Some will find music to be a major distraction from reading. Others will find that my taste in music is a bit too off the beaten path.

In either event, no worries. Breaking Destiny is a book, not a rock concert. Turn the noise off, kick back and enjoy the ride!

But if you’re a weirdo like me who digs listening to music while reading… enjoy!


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  1. Ian

    Fabulous idea and makes for a pleasant read environment.
    Thank you

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