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A quiet businessman—known by most as Joe Kettleman—narrowly survives an attempt on his life. While recovering from surgery to remove a bullet, imaging reveals a lethal tumor. Unwilling to spend his final days under chemical bombardment, he returns to a remote cabin in New Mexico to die in peace.

But when death takes its time and Joe outlives his supplies, he’s forced to take a perilous journey through the deserts of the Bisti Badlands. Two days into what was supposed to be a five day trek, Joe comes across a town.

A small city, really. Right in the middle of nowhere.

And it’s not on any map.

That’s when Joe’s fate collides with that of a beautiful young woman, desperate to escape the strange city and making wild claims about a genetically enhanced pandemic that will soon wipe out most of humanity.

Clearly she’s delusional. But something has her genuinely terrified. To unravel the mystery, Joe will have to put his death on hold.

Is This Book 2 of the Breaking Series?

No. Not really. Each book tells a complete story and can stand alone.

That said, Breaking Destiny is a sideways companion to Breaking Gravity. The two adventures are taking place at the same time, each explores a different “scientific” discovery, and each follows a different set of characters. It does not matter which story is read first, but I recommend Breaking Gravity since it was written first.

Both stories–both scientific innovations and both sets of main characters–will come together in a third book, Breaking Everything.

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  1. Donna

    When do you anticipate that Breaking Everything will come out? Loves your other Breaking books a lot and left 5 star reviews for both! Also, When will your WTF be out? I am anxious to read more fiction by you! Although I must admit, your bio’s are pretty entertaining as well, no offense meant!

    1. MittyWalters

      Hi Donna,

      Yay, thank you so much for the reviews… you are far too kind! <3 <3 <3

      The book I'm currently working on is Whiskey Tango Hotel. I'm currently only 5 chapters in, but I'm hoping it will be ready for release toward the end of this summer. After that, I may start in on Breaking Everything or I may do a series of short stories focused on Breaking Gravity.

      If I do the short stories, it will be somewhat like the Nightly News. Imagine all the crazy cool things people would build in their garages with Dale's device, imagine the headlines! Each short story would begin with a headline ("Man Launches Home Into Space!"), and then I will tell the story behind the headline.

      That would lay the groundwork for a ton of cool inventions/ideas that will come into play for Breaking Everything.

      As for my bio, I'm happy you were entertained. What am I, if not a dancing clown? lol

      Your friend,

  2. Dave Davis

    Breaking Gravity was a five-hour (maybe six, I forget) non stop read. This one’ll be just as good, I’m sure.

  3. Linda Tucker

    The first book was great and I gave it five stars on Amazon. I have put the second book on my wish list and hope that it also has Atlanta locations in it.

  4. Trevor Morris

    I have just finished Breaking Gravity and I loved it, I have posted a 5 star review on Amazon, please keep writing, I am aware that the new book runs along side your first, but I would really like to know what happens to Dale and Kermit.

  5. Peter Eerden

    I too have just read Breaking Gravity and really enjoyed it. Just need to get the series itch scratched to know how it all pans out. Well done to date. I will leave a review.

  6. Carla

    Oh this sound good! Can’t wait to read it!I loved Breaking Gravity, I’m sure I will love this one to!

  7. Dave Whittemore

    I like the premise. I am willing to be an alpha reader. I am not a journalist nor English major so I come with no great skills. Just an avid reader who enjoyed your first book.

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