A freak accident turns into the discovery of a lifetime for Dale Adams. When word gets out, Dale’s life quickly descends into a nightmare of violence and intrigue.

Einstein’s theory of General Relativity, published in 1915, sparked the search for a unified field theory combining electromagnetism and gravity. This scientific endeavor has intensified in recent years, with mathematicians and theoretical physicists all over the world racing to combine quantum mechanics and relativity into a single Theory of Everything.

When Dale Adams, a Business student in Atlanta, stumbles across the key to solving this mystery, he does not realize the magnitude of the breakthrough. Instead, he uses his discovery of a new principle of physics like a cheap parlor trick, creating a floating toy. When he pitches his ZG Board—a “Zero Gravity” hoverboard—before investors as part of a class project, there are those in the room who immediately recognize the true potential.

Dale’s life quickly devolves into inexplicable violence and intrigue. Instead of savoring the last weeks of college and coasting toward graduation, Dale finds himself on the run for his life.


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