Dedicate My Book to Whomever You Wish


That’s right, you read that correctly. Anyone willing to cover the entire cost of production can take over my dedication page. This will appear in both the digital and print versions.


The dedication page of my very next book.


Dedication  ~

For my dearest Delilah:

There has only ever been one woman for me,
You’re the other half of my soul, the roots of my tree.
I could never live a life without you… WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Forever yours,
Bob McTwinkles

In hopes of raising the funds necessary to publish,  am offering up the dedication page on my I am offering up my dedication page. You may dedicate the book to anyone you please. I will print your message in both the paperback and ebook versions.

Thank you for your support,
Mitty Walters

Please understand that this page will appear at the opening of my story. Most distributors allow potential readers to preview the first few chapters of a book, which will include the dedication page. For that reason I cannot allow the page to contain a crass and/or socially unacceptable message, sorry. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m wide open to any funny/crazy/wacky idea you may have. The funnier, the better!

But I reserve final editorial rights.

You will have ample room, but no more than half of one printed page please. 

In the paperback, your dedication will have it’s own page. To make it stand out and be visually appealing, it will likely be centered vertically on your page. Anything more than a paragraph or two would be awkward.

Preferably within two weeks after your purchase.

Don’t sweat, I’m not in a huge rush. After you checkout, I will send you a little email to thank you for your support. That email will also contain the specifics of how/when I need you to get your dedication to me.

No, sorry.

I priced this dedication page at $2,500 specifically because that is how much I expect to spend to produce the paperback/ebook versions. To produce the audio version—if I do so in the same fashion I did for Breaking Gravity—production will cost me an additional $5,000.

If you happen to have the means and you are willing to cover all versions ($7,500 total)… holy smokes! YES. YES. YES. I will be happy to have your dedication read out in the audiobook version. 

Simply bump the quantity up to three before you “ADD TO CART”.

I will then dedicate the book to you. I will write up my own message, singing praises to your generosity. I will make sure that the readers of my next book know that it was you who made that work possible!

Yes, but only if you are willing to cover the cost of producing the audiobook version of the book in addition to the paperback/ebook version.

I priced this dedication page at $2,500 specifically because that is how much I expect to spend to produce the paperback/ebook versions. To produce the audio version in the same fashion I did for Breaking Gravity, it will cost an additional $5,000.

So if your company is willing to cover all versions ($7,500 total), your company my use the dedication page for a commercial message. If that happens, then the dedication will also be read out in the audiobook version.  

Simply bump the quantity up to three before you “ADD TO CART”.

I’m a firm believer that anything worth doing is worth doing right. For that reason, I make no promises. None whatsoever. 

I’m very sorry about that, but please understand that I consider myself a man of my word and I do not make promises lightly. There are simply too many moving parts for me to give you a firm date with any accuracy.

My personal goal is to get at least one new book out by the end of this summer or early fall (2018).

Because I am an “indie” author. 

A while back, I received an offer for Breaking Gravity from a very large publisher. Setting aside the fact that their offer wasn’t exactly spectacular, the main reason I turned them away was that writing is what I do for fun. If I accepted their money, then writing becomes work.

I ended up thanking them respectfully and turning them away politely.

The fact that a real publisher might be interested in my work was quite shocking to me. I decided maybe I should take this story telling thing a bit more seriously, so I started writing again. 

I’m currently in the process of wrapping up two new novels. I expect to have at least one, if not both, ready to hand over to my editor by the end of this summer (2018).

And now I’m having regrets. Turning my back on the conventional route means that all the publishing costs fall on me. Again.

I’ve decided to not to put out the audiobook versions right away, but I will still have to come up with about $5,000 ($2,500 each) before my new novels can be published. The majority of that will go to editing (I’m hoping to go with David Gatewood again), and the remainder will cover production costs (book cover, files for print and ebook version, etc), plus a zillion other little details (listing fees, ISBN fees, etc).

I’ve already squirreled away $2k, so I’m looking to raise another $3k.

Hence the yard sale.

And the “Shop at Amazon” thing. If you click on that link—or any Amazon link on my site—my Amazon Affiliate tag will travel with you. I will earn a little commission on anything you add to your shopping cart after that. It doesn’t change the price or effect you in anyway, just sends a few pennies my way on anything you buy. Might not sound like much, but every penny counts!

Sadly, I don’t have much to offer. I mean, what kind of nut spends $50 on a copy of a book nobody has ever read, signed by some an author nobody has ever heard of?

But as I said above, the cost to publish one novel is $2,500. Since I’ve already tucked away $2,000. So all I need is another $500 and the first of my two books is covered. 

To do that, all I have to do is sell ten signed copies at $50 each.

I am located in the US, within the state of Florida. If the “Ship To” address you specify is in Florida, then I am required to collect a 7% sales tax (6% for the state, 1% for the county). 

If you pay for anything on my website with a credit card or Paypal, your receipt will say MoBetter Productions Inc (MBI).

Not to worry, MBI is my company. I own it.

The primary function of MBI is to collect the income from my day job, that of freelance graphic/web production. In the event my writing ever takes off, I am set up so that any income will also flow through the business.

Sales pitch was inspired by Matisyahu:


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