Aliens are here.
They're watching us.
They're judging us.
  • So try not to look dumb, ok?

When Bubba—a student at Georgia Southern University—goes out for a night of drinking and cow tipping, he winds up being abducted by aliens. Naturally he finds himself in the position of having to save earth and the human race.

In short:
Boy meets alien.
Alien abducts boy.
Boy files a restraining order.

Yes, it’s a story as old as the food served at your local Chinese buffet. But this is a classy buffet, one that serves sushi. And tacos. On Thursday’s they have all-you-can-eat crab legs for $14.99. But only suckers pay the full price (they have a $2-off coupon on right on their website).

So don’t be a sucker. Read this book.



The Early Reviews Are In:
Whoever wrote this book is [totally awesome and definitely not] an idiot.
~ Some Guy

OMG [this book is so great]! What [a profound story. This book is NOT] a waste of time!
~ Some Other Guy

This story is [very, very deep—perhaps the greatest work of American literature ever—and will almost certainly win a Pulitzer for its undeniable contribution to literature. If you don’t read it, then you are] stupid!
~ Some Hot Chick

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