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I’m looking to put together a group of friends I can turn to for advice. A brain trust. Folks I can spitball story ideas with. Folks who might willing, on occasion, to alpha read works in progress or beta read finished works prior to general release.

Reasons to join Club Mitty:

  • Free prologues/epilogues
  • Free short stories
  • Free books
  • Free alternate endings
  • Free behind-the-scenes stuff
  • Free deleted scenes
  • Free extended scenes

If you hit the sign up below, I will ask for your name and email. There is also a little survey that goes along with it, but the survey is 100% optional. If you don’t feel like answering, just put in your name/email and hit “submit”.

Thank you for your support!

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At some point in the very near future, I will be putting up a bulletin board here and/or a discussion group on Facebook. Anyone who signs up here will be given access to the group.

The only required information is your name and email address. That said, I would deeply appreciate it if you took a moment to fill out the optional survey.

If you wish to skip the questions, simply put in your name/email, scroll to the bottom, and hit “JOIN NOW“.


Questionnaire (optional):



18-2021-2930-3940-4950-5960-6970 or older


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N/AAmazonAppleBarnes & NobleGoogle PlayKoboSmashwordsOther:




N/AKindleNookDroid phoneDroid tabletiPhoneiPadOther:


N/AAmazonAppleBarnes & NobleGoogle PlayKoboSmashwordsOther




N/AKindleNookDroid phoneDroid tabletiPhoneiPadOther:


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Some high schoolHigh school diplomaSome collegeAssociatesBachelorMastersDoctorate


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N/AAlpha ReadingBeta ReadingARC ProgramMarketing Efforts


N/ABeen shot or stabbedServed in the militaryServed in an active combat zoneWorked as a police officerWorked as a detectiveWorked as an attorneyWorked in a research labWorked as nurse or EMS providerWorked in a trauma unitWorked in OncologyBeen treated for cancerWorked as a physicianIf you have been a physician, what specialty? (GP, ENT, Oncologist, etc)



Alpha Reading
An Alpha Reader is the most prized reader an author can find! An Alpha Reader is someone willing to read work as it happens. The work may have zero editing, it may be out of order, may be completely experimental. 

If you volunteer to Alpha Read, I may send you a scene with very little context. I may send you “character backstory”, which is material I write simply to help me get a better understanding of my characters but that I have zero intention of putting in the actual book.

Alpha Readers will receive work as it progresses. The responses/thoughts of Alpha Readers will help me to shape the direction of my stories.

Beta Reading
Beta Readers will be subjected to far less experimental work. I break Beta into two segments: Pre-edit and Post-edit.

When I have finished writing a novel and finished my re-reading / re-writing, I will pay for a quick line edit. A line edit focuses mainly on grammar/spelling.

After the line edit, I will turn the work over to my pre-edit Beta Readers. Based upon their thoughts/input, I will do one last rewrite and then turn the work over to my story editor. That story editor will catch any remaining grammar/spelling issues but, more important, will also address any inconsistencies and other story issues.

With the story editor, I will go back and forth until the book is completely finished and ready for market. That’s when I will turn the book over to my post-edit Beta Readers.

ARC Program
ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. An ARC is completely vetted, fully edited, final version of a book, but is received a few weeks before the novel is actually released.

One of the keys to a successful launch is getting early reviews. To that end, I may set up an ARC Program. Those chosen for the ARC Program will be given a FREE copy of my next book a few weeks ahead of the actual release, in exchange for posting an honest review on or around the date of release.

Marketing Efforts
If I can find some folks willing to play along, then around the release of my next books I will coordinate some fun (hopefully!) marketing efforts. I’d rather not make the “marketing” part obvious, rather disguise it in something more organic. I have a ton of ideas and I’m wide open to any ideas you might have.

One thought I had was to stage an “argument” with some readers on Facebook, something related to the subject of one of my next books. The way it would work is that you (if you decide to play along) would post something on your Facebook and tag me in it, then I’d come to your page and we’d argue about it in front of all your friends. Whatever we’d argue about would be totally ridiculous and (hopefully) very entertaining to your friends. At some point we’ll kiss and makeup, of course. But (hopefully) some of your friends will be left curious and will go check out the book.

There will be other less-effort-required ways to participate. For instance, it would be nice if I could coordinate a bunch of folks sharing posts about my new book on the day it is released.

Also I’ve been working on an idea, one that I hope may go viral. More on that later!

NOTE: “Club Mitty” and “Want My Next Book?” are two totally different lists.

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