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In my next book, I will add a special thanks to my sponsors and list off anyone who contributes. This list will appear in both the digital and paperback versions.


Your name will appear in my next book, in both the digital and paperback version.

That’s right…
For the low, low price of just $100, now you too can achieve immortality by having your name forever etched within a book!

But be warned, this may well turn you into an overnight celebrity. Imagine how your life will change when billions of people rush out to buy a copy and see your name in it? And when the novel goes on to win a Pulitzer… lookout! 

And did I mention this could make you rich? You could have a friend follow you around snapping “informal” shots on her iPhone. When she sells them to the paparazzi, you guys will be rolling in dough!

WOAH! Even better! You could set up a website for all your fans and sell copies of my book, signed by you!!!

Alright alright, I’ll stop.

In all seriousness, I’m just trying to find fun ways to raise some money here. The cost to produce one book will be $2,500. I’ve already tucked away $2,000. That means I’m only $500 away from my goal.

All I need to do now is find five people who think it would be fun to see their name in my next book.

Thank you for your support,
Mitty Walters

In the box labeled “Please type name as you wish it to appear”, please type in the name you want me to use *exactly* as you wish it to appear in my book. If you prefer to use a nickname, no problem.

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be your name. If you happen to be buying this spot as a gift for your faithful cat, I will happily thank “Captain Meow Meow” in print for sponsoring my book.

If you’d like me to thank “Bob & Betty Smith” or “The Jones Family”, etc, no problem!

If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, simply type: ANONYMOUS.

In the event you would like to add more than one name for some reason, you will need to ADD TO CART one at a time so that you can specify a different name for each copy.

I’m a firm believer that anything worth doing is worth doing right. For that reason, I make no promises. None whatsoever. 

I’m very sorry about that, but please understand that I consider myself a man of my word and I do not make promises lightly. There are simply too many moving parts for me to give you a firm date with any accuracy.

My personal goal is to get Breaking Destiny out by the end of Feb, March at the latest (2019). That book is currently in the editing phase.

I am located in the US, within the state of Florida. If the “Ship To” address you specify is in Florida, then I am required to collect a 7% sales tax (6% for the state, 1% for the county). 

If you pay for anything on my website with a credit card or Paypal, your receipt will say MoBetter Productions Inc (MBI).

Not to worry, MBI is my company. I own it.

The primary function of MBI is to collect the income from my day job, that of freelance graphic/web production. In the event my writing ever takes off, I am set up so that any income will also flow through the business.

This sales pitch was inspired by Billy Idol:


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