Join Club Mitty

I’m looking to put together a group of friends I can turn to for advice. A brain trust. Folks I can spitball story ideas with. Folks who might willing, on occasion, to alpha read works in progress or beta read finished works prior to general release.

Reasons to join Club Mitty:

  • Free prologues/epilogues
  • Free short stories
  • Free books
  • Free alternate endings
  • Free behind-the-scenes stuff
  • Free deleted scenes
  • Free extended scenes

If you hit the sign up below, I will ask for your name and email. There is also a little survey that goes along with it, but the survey is 100% optional. If you don’t feel like answering, just put in your name/email and hit “submit”.

Thank you for your support!

NOTE: “Club Mitty” and “Want My Next Book?” are two totally different lists.