Wazzup, Brutal.io peeps! I’m Fez.
I’m also Mitty Walters, the author.


If you read scifi,
please check out my book: 

Hey y’all, I recently updated my website and all the comments got deleted. I’m super sorry about that, won’t happen again!

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  1. Anonymous

    Mr.Destruction- Wassup Fez

    1. MittyWalters

      What up, homey! Super sorry that I accidentally deleted your awesome posts. Please feel free to put them back up, I won’t make the same mistake again.

    2. MittyWalters

      Btw… I *never* see you in game anymore. Come spin at me or something next time we’re on at the same time.

  2. Anonymous

    Mr.Destruction- XD

  3. Anonymous

    How to make a large and long nickname exceeding the character limit?

    1. MittyWalters

      That’s a good question! Does anybody know how that is accomplished??

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