Giving Back

Why does the creation of art correlate so highly with the suffering of the artist? Writers, in particular, are so plagued by dark circumstance that I could rattle off an unending list of authors who suffer from deep depression, bouts with the bottle, and so on.

To be completely honest, that explains how Breaking Gravity came to be. I wrote that story during the blackest period of my life. A few months before, I lost business I’d been running for almost a decade. I held on as long as I could, just praying the economy would recover.

By the time I finally started laying people off, it was too late. I had burned through my entire life savings, even drained the college fund I had set up for my boys. I ended up having to file bankruptcy, both corporate and personal, and my wife had to go back to work. Still, we nearly lost our home.

I sunk into a deep, dark depression. Not so much because I mourned the loss of the business. And not so much because times were tight and nobody was hiring. More because I had lost my identity.

Before my devastating failure, I was a businessman. An entrepreneur. A guy with three college degrees in business. Yet I was reduced to day laborer, making $10 an hour when I was lucky enough to find something to do.

I’m embarrassed to admit humiliated I was, but believe me when I tell you… crushed me completely. The only reason I didn’t eat a barrel is because I couldn’t do that to my boys. Or to my wife, really.

I spiraled down, no parachute. I hit bottom, every bit of me splattered out. But I finally let go. And that’s when I started writing.

So why am I sharing this sob story? Because I’ve recently become involved with a really cool group of authors who actually give sh*t about other human beings. They are raising funds to help other who are struggling to keep their sh*t together during the holidays. And that’s something I can get down with. I may not be able to give every poor soul a hug, but I can certainly give back.

I truly believe this is a great cause.

If you would like to help out, NO DONATION is necessary. Just follow this link and find a good book to read. All of the books featured on this page are from authors who made a donation to the cause. To support what these authors are doing, simply buy one of their books.

Even if you’re saying “Bah Humbug”, you should still check it out. This list of books is pretty badass!

If you really *really* like what these guys are doing, please share this link with your friends!


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